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Why Full-Ceramic Dental Crowns the Best Option for Teeth Restoration

Do you have a gap between your teeth? Or, are your teeth discolored or misaligned? If yes, we have a perfect solution to get over such dental problems.

Yes, it's absolutely true that you can rectify such dental problems and get natural-looking teeth. Getting dental crowns in Richmond Hill can help in filling the gaps between teeth and help in restoring broken and damaged teeth in no time.

There are many types of dental crowns available: gold, full-ceramic or porcelain fused to metal crowns.

While many people picture dental crowns as a dark metal restoration, that's not the case. Our full-ceramic crowns are without metal, even crowns with porcelain fused to metal can offer good esthetic results.

In this post, we will guide you all about full-ceramic dental crowns and how they can help you get the perfect smile. Let's find out the details.

What Are Full-Ceramic Dental Crowns?

As the name suggests, full-ceramic dental crowns are 100% dental ceramics. It is a special type of refined clay from which the dental crowns are made.

These crowns might contain some traces of metal, but the truth is that even if the all-ceramic crowns contain metal the amount is so small that it won't even feel or look on the outside. These function just like other crowns and help in protecting the damaged teeth and even serve as a part of the bridge by replacing the missing teeth.

What Is the Procedure of Full-Ceramic Dental Crowns?

The all-ceramic dental crowns are quite similar to the traditional crown procedure. The dentist in Richmond Hill will prepare your tooth to receive the crown. Once the tooth is ready, your dentist will then take images and impressions of it. The patient is then given a temporary crown while the permanent ones are fabricated and designed at a dental laboratory.

Once the crown is ready, it will be checked for the fit before final cementation is done.

Benefits Of Getting Full-Ceramic Crowns

Natural Look

The best part of choosing full-ceramic teeth is that they can easily be matched with your current teeth look. So, it can easily blend with your overall look, thereby giving you natural-looking teeth.

Since these crowns are metal free, they never leave a dark margin. So, you can achieve a very natural and beautiful smile. All you can do is flaunt your lovely smile in full confidence.

No Allergic Reaction

One of the biggest fears people have with dental crowns in Richmond Hill is that they can get allergic reactions. Well, it’s false! All-ceramic restorations contain natural materials and minimal metal, so people who are allergic to any metal can enjoy full-ceramic crowns without any hesitation.

Durable And Strength

The fact is that ceramic is a strong material. Ceramic crown is very durable and can support and protect a damaged tooth for a long time.

Get Full-Ceramic Dental Crowns and Bridges in Richmond Hill

Dental technology has now surpassed our imaginations and now with treatments like - full ceramic crowns, you can get that natural-looking smile in no time. So, wait no more and schedule your appointment with Viva Dental Care, the best dental care in Richmond Hill today.


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