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What You Should Expect From Root Canal Treatment

Do you also get chills by hearing 'root canal'? Well, you are not alone! For many people, a root canal is no less than a nightmare, but the fact is, now a day, it isn't a scary dental treatment at all. Known as endodontic therapy, a root canal is a treatment that removes infected tissue from the inside of the tooth and protects the tooth from future damage. It is the only way to restore the tooth that is severely decayed. These teeth were removed in the past, before root canal was an option!

Root Canal Treatment

What Are The Steps Of Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is a simple 3-step dental treatment that cleans out the diseased or damaged tissues by saving your natural tooth. The treatment usually takes between one to three sessions. Below are the steps that are involved in root canal treatment. Let's explore the details.

Cleaning Root Canal

The procedure begins with deep cleaning of the root canal where the dentist will clear out everything from the area. The patient is usually kept under local anesthesia during the process. The dentist makes a small access hole on the tooth surface and removes the dead and diseased pulp tissues.

Filling Root Canal

After proper cleaning of the root canal, the dentist then shapes and decontaminates the hollow area which is done by using medical solutions and tiny files. The tooth is then filled with a rubber-like material to seal the canals properly. Once done, the patient will not feel any pain in the tooth because the dead nerve tissues and infection are removed from the area.

Adding Filling and Crown

The tooth will become fragile after root canal is completed.

A filling and crown are needed to give good protection to the tooth.

Until the procedure of filling and crown are not done, the patient should not bite or chew on the teeth. But, soon after the procedures, the patient can resume normal usage of the tooth just like before.

Root canal treatment in Richmond Hill is usually done in one appointment, but if a person has multi-canals, curved canals. or large infections, then more than one appointment is needed.

Who Needs Root Canal Treatment?

If your tooth pulp becomes diseased or injured to the extent that the tissues are unable to repair, you need to get root canal treatment. Usually, the bacteria enter the pulp from the deep cavity, loose filling, and cracked tooth. This can eventually destroy the pulp which further allows the bacteria to penetrate through the root and further cause infection and even make you lose your tooth. However, a root canal treatment can help you get rid of the pain and infection by saving your tooth.


It’s always right to say that ‘Prevention is better than cure,’ so before your tooth gets a major infection that cannot be treated easily, you should go for a quick and reliable root canal treatment. Book your appointment with VIVA DENTAL CARE today.


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