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What Is The Connection Between Diabetes And Oral Health?

Our body gives us signs! Bleeding, swollen, receding gum, bad breath, and so many more. We do experience these signs but the problem is we tend to ignore that because we think they are normal. Well, the hard truth is that your body is actually trying to tell you about your health. Just like that people with diabetes are at a higher risk of tooth problems and gum diseases than other people. It is because diabetic people have irregular blood glucose levels that lower the resistance to infections and don’t heal as easily as normal. So, you all living with diabetes must pay close attention to your oral health and dental care. It is really important to visit your dentist in Richmond Hill every 6 to 12 months to keep up with good oral health.

Why People With Diabetes Are More Likely To Develop Oral Health Problems?

The major link between oral health and diabetes is high blood sugar levels. When your sugar is not well managed then you are likely to develop more oral health problems. It happens because due to unmanaged diabetes, the whole blood cells in your body weaken that are actually known to defend against bacterial infections that occur in the mouth. Studies revealed that regulating blood sugar levels lowers the risk of major organ complications such as heart, eye, and nerve damage. For better consultation, you can keep an appointment with dental care near you.

Oral Health Problems Associated With Diabetes

Dry mouth: People with unmanaged diabetes face a decrease in saliva that results in a dry mouth. This can further lead to ulcers, soreness, infections, and even tooth decay.

Gum inflammation (gingivitis): Another complication is that due to the weakening of white blood cells, your blood vessels can thicken which slows the flow of nutrients in the body making its ability to fight infections. This can further result in more severe gum diseases.

Poor healing: Well, it’s a fact that unmanaged diabetes does not help you to heal quickly after any dental procedures because the blood flow to the treatment site can be damaged. Make sure you talk to a dentist near you clearly about your diabetes, so they can do the job the right way.

Thrush: People with diabetes are more prone to developing fungal infections of the tongue and mouth. The fungus can actually thrive on the high glucose levels in the saliva of people with unmanaged diabetes and can lead to final infections.

Caring For Your Gums And Teeth

If you are a diabetic person, then following these things is highly recommended for you.

  • Make sure you follow the advice of a doctor on diet and medication so you can keep up with your blood glucose levels.

  • Brush your teeth twice a day and do regular flossing.

  • Use dental floss or interdental cleaners once a day to clean your teeth.

  • Take regular appointments with dental care in Richmond Hill every 6-12 months to keep a check on your oral health.

  • Drink plenty of water to avoid dry mouth and stimulate saliva flow.

So, if you are diabetic, then it’s time to book your appointment with a dentist near you today. Contact Viva Dental Care to schedule now for the best dental care in town.

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