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Viva Dental Care: Our Dental Clinic Richmond Hill cares for you and your smile!

Good oral health means better health overall

Lowers the chances of getting sick

Most people don't usually think of their teeth or gums when they think of their overall health, but we should!

According to studies, people with gum disease have a two to three times higher chance of suffering from a heart attack, stroke or other major cardiovascular problems.

Endocarditis, stroke, and other systemic diseases can be reduced by maintaining a good oral health. For further information contact our Dental Clinic Richmond Hill.

Cancer risks are reduced

Cancer is another concern that is linked to oral health. According to research, periodontitis, a type of gum disease, has been related to the development of pancreatic cancer. Periodontitis is an illness that affects the tissue around your teeth, and the bacteria that causes it can be harmful. Another study discovered that persons with poor oral health were more likely to contract an oral virus that can cause cancer-causing human papillomavirus (HPV).

Eliminates bad breath

Nobody enjoys having foul breath. You may constantly chew gum or mints to mask the odour, but good dental hygiene is one of the best methods to avoid it!

Food particles get lodged in your mouth if you don't brush or floss after eating, and the remaining food rests produces bad smells.

If you don't floss or brush, a sticky film of bacteria forms on your teeth (plaque), which might produce odours even when you're not eating. This plaque irritates your gums, causes gum diseases and creates cavities over time.

Gives you self-confidence

People are immediately drawn to your smile. It can be upsetting if you have tooth decay, loss, or discoloration. Our oral health is linked to our self-esteem, interaction with others. You can increase your confidence and overall well-being by maintaining a good oral health.

Oral health recommendations by our Dental Clinic Richmond Hill.

Cleanings and check-ups should be done regularly

Regular check-ups and cleaning with your dentist and hygienist are essential for optimal oral health. Cleaning includes a physical inspection, plaque and tartar removal, polishing teeth, flossing, and fluoride treatment.

A dentist will examine your teeth for damages, evidence of cavities, gum disease, signs of teeth grinding and much more during a dental exam.

To keep that smile looking terrific, dentists at our Dental Clinic Richmond Hill recommend these check-ins at least twice a year and an X-ray once a year. For more information related to oral health and check-ups, contact Viva Dental Care at 905-597-7750.


Brushing is essential for optimal dental health. Parents should start brushing their kid's teeth when they are babies and continue until the youngster can brush on their own. To keep on task with brushing, many children require supervision.

Brushing instructions for beginners:

● Use fluoride-containing toothpaste (your dentist can recommend one)

● Brush your teeth and gums at a 45-degree angle with your toothbrush.

● Brush gently in a circular motion.

● Brush your teeth' inside and outside surfaces with the same motion.

● Brush the inside surfaces of the upper and lower front teeth with the toothbrush tip.

● Scrub chewing surfaces with a scrubbing motion.

● Brush your tongue and thoroughly rinse your mouth.


Flossing removes plaque from beneath your gums and between your teeth.It is an important element in your dental hygiene routine.

The following are some general guidelines for flossing:

● Wrap floss around the middle finger.

● With your other hand, hold the other end.

● In an up and down motion, work the floss between your teeth.

● Make sure you floss all sides of your teeth.

● Floss underneath the gum line as well.

● Floss each tooth

If you have bridges or other dental fixtures, you may need to use a threader or other instrument to clean around them. For more information, consult our experts at Viva Dental Care.

Brushing, flossing, and other oral preventative care procedures can be taught to you by our dentist or dental hygienist at Viva Dental Care.


Your diet influences your oral health. Your diet should contain the vitamins and minerals required for strong teeth and gums. It's critical for youngsters, in particular, to have enough fluoride. Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is difficult when you eat sugary snacks and sodas. Sugary foods and drinks cause cavities and other major dental disorders and are low in nutritional value. Brush your teeth after a sweet snack or drink. If that isn't possible, rinse your mouth with plain water to get some sugar out.

Wrapping it up

You only get one chance to grin, so make the most of it! Not just to show off your dazzling whites but also to ensure that you're lowering your risk of disease and other health problems. This is a great time to make sure you've scheduled your check-up with our Dental Clinic Richmond Hill and that you do not forget to floss.


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